Harley Davidson Touring Bagger Air Ride Suspension

Rear DIY Kit for years 1994-2014 

This is a complete kit assembled to replace your stock touring shocks with height-adjustable air shocks.  This kit will allow you to lower your bike around 3 inches with all of the air released, and air it up to stock ride height for a smooth ride in a matter of seconds.  Kit includes VIAIR compressor, new custom shocks and all of the other components for a fully functional, fully height adjustable rear air suspension.  This kit is assembled with quality components, the same components used in some of the baddest baggers in the world!  Used by some of the best builders in the world!  With this kit, you can ride with zero air pressure without rubbing. That means you can cruise around with your bike SLAMMED, or also if you lose air pressure for any reason you can still ride without rubbing your tire against your fender (stock rear tire).  No need to pay more for another system, and no need to have someone else install.  This kit uses push-lock air fittings for ease of installation, and can be installed by anyone with basic tools and basic-to-moderate auto/motorcycle knowledge and experience.  Kit includes basic instructions, and we will help you with any technical questions you have.  Compressor can be easily mounted inside saddle bags, behind side panels, under your seat or in the front fairing, or under battery tray.  In some cases, depending on location and bike model, some mild fabrication may be necessary to mount the air compressor or switch.  Kit comes exactly as pictured.  Shocks are 14" extended, 9.5" collapsed.  Switch is a micro toggle switch that mounts in a 1/4" hole.  Fits all Harley touring models.  All shocks have polyurethane bushings, default bushing color will be black.  If you want red, include a note with your purchase.   1 YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY ON ALL PARTS.

Kit comes exactly as pictured.  Kit included compression fittings on shock as pictured.  Look around, we spend more time on these kits so you spend less time on the install,  and you'll still spend less $ on this kit than any other one.

Please feel free to ask any questions before buying. 

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Contains VIAIR gauge and fittings

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Front air KIT

Includes lowered springs and air pistons

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Rear builders KIT

All parts needed for rear air included in this kit.

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Handlebar switch


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